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SHERMAN NOBLEMAN (1941 - 2015)

Sherman Nobleman's work has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. He had many solo and group exhibitions, and awards were numerous. His paintings are included in private and public collections, including Auberge du Soleil (Rutherford, California), The Napa Valley Community Foundation (Napa, California), Cisco Systems (San Jose, California), and Weidenhammer Systems Corporation (Wyomissing, Pennsylvania).

He is survived by his son, Rick Nobleman and daughter, Kristina Barnfield.  Please use the Contact Page for inquiries.


I allow my sensory experience to flow through me onto the canvas. I operate at the feeling level, releasing all inhibitions, painting my stream of consciousness intuitively and immediately. All decisions are precognitive. I am interested in the underlayment beyond the image. Each painting is an adventure.

My style is a highly gestural map of the senses, often layered with complex naturalistic markings in a variety of media, including paint, pastels, paper, gesso, etc. Ghost images often appear but are perceptible only after close and repeated examinations. These images, combined with the movement and intensity of the process, reveal the central theme or question of the painting.

The paintings are an energy gestalt in which the form arises out of the process. They are an attempt to gain enhanced awareness of complex and powerful emotional experiences by concretizing them. Each painting requires active participation by the viewer and a willingness to be immersed in gesture, color, diversity, form, nuance, depth and spontaneity. A rich and dynamic experience results as the viewer discovers and responds to each element as well as to the totality.

Sherman Nobleman